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Acne Still a Growing Problem in Adults


Acne is something you only have to face when you’re a teenager, right? Sadly, no- millions of adults well over the age of thirty suffer from acne of all sorts. There are countless opinions on why some develop acne more often than others from eating too much sugar, to having clogged pores to poor hygiene. While there is a bit of truth to all of those theories, there are also many factors that some simply cannot control. Certain medications and hormonal imbalances can also reap havoc on your skin, regardless of your age.

Women tend to breakout more often than men due to wearing makeup, lotions and other chemicals on their faces. The ladies also have to deal with the rise and fall of hormones due to pregnancy and menopause to top it off, which is no fun at all. Men still get acne in their adult years as a result of engaging in sports and having sweat clog their pores. Both genders can fall prey to the acne gene courtesy of their parents to consider as well.

Can you fix adult acne? Depending on the severity of the skin condition, mostly yes you can cure your acne with a few tricks. Cleansing the skin without over drying it each day is a must for anyone. The skin also responds rather quickly to what you eat; so avoiding fried foods, sugary items, and soft drinks all day long will start to improve the condition of your skin. Drinking plenty of water seems to consistently be a habit of those with beautiful skin; water not only wards off acne, but it also keeps wrinkles away by moisturizing the skin naturally.

Resisting the urge to mess with acne spots is going to pay off in the long run. Once your begin squeezing spots along the skin, the odds of scaring it there permanently can occur. Keeping hair clean that is long laying on your shoulders, back, jawline, or ears is another excellent tip for those that have trouble spots where their hair lies. Tying hair back to play in the hot sun or during any sporting activities is very necessary for acne sufferers.

Always use a sunscreen or BB cream on the face prior to going out for the day to avoid burning the skin. Some feel that getting some sun on stressed skin can improve its condition, which can be true in moderation. Otherwise, burning the skin will only cause another onset of acne to break out as acne loves to grow where it is too greasy or too dry.

The great news about acne is that treatment options have come a long way in effort to cure it for patients around the world. Over the counter treatments have become stronger and readily available, while dermatologists have continued their own research to evolve creams, antibiotics, and procedures they will offer their patients.

Your skin can usually be what you make of it; eating a clean diet, drinking water daily, and cleansing the skin gently will be ideal. Talk to your family doctor first about any acne concerns you may have, if he or she cannot treat it they will refer you to a local dermatologist.







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