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Actress Melissa McCarthy Reveals Weight Loss Secret

After losing an incredible 50 pounds, film and television actress Melissa McCarthy recently revealed the big secret to how she was able to shed the weight off; and the answer may not be what you think.

McCarthy attributes living a ‘super boring life’ as the magic trick to her weight loss; recently telling Extra that she ‘brought it real down’ and ‘didn’t do anything fun’, ‘going to bed at 7:30 p.m.’
Who knew?

MSN reports that McCarthy has also stated in the past to People Magazine that when she stopped caring so much about losing weight, the actress began to see results. As she notes, she stopped over-thinking and over-analyzing her weight loss; she also stopped worrying about it. Melissa feels that as she was so rigid and nervous about the entire weight-loss idea, that when she let it all go, she began to notice a change.

And it really shows. The talented actress not only entertains in movies and television, but she has also dived into the fashion world; launching her own clothing line that focuses on size 14 and up. While many may refer to this as the ‘plus-size’ market, Melissa prefers to refrain from that term. As she puts it, a vast majority of American women are sized 14 and up. McCarthy states that she wanted to creating clothing that would make all females feel good. She goes on to say that when she feels confident in her clothes she’s more patient all around. She sees the world differently, and is generally happier.

One look at Melissa McCarthy nowadays, and it is clear she is on cloud nine. With entertainment projects on the go, as well as a leap into a new industry; she has a bright smile to along with her new look, and new endeavors.