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Actress Selma Blair Reveals She Is Living With MS


Actress Selma Blair, who many may know from film roles such as Hellboy and Cruel Intentions, recently relayed via an Instagram post that this past August, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Sadly, Blair also revealed that while she only just found out about the condition some weeks ago, she may have been experiencing signs of the illness for about 15 years now.

Blair stated on the IG post that she frequently experiences fogginess in her memory, struggles with left side mobility, and suffers from fatigue. A chronic illness, MS affects the spinal cord and/or brain, which can result in muscle stiffness, vision and balance issues, tiredness, and other symptoms.

The good news is that Blair is currently working on a new Netflix series called Another Life, which is about astronauts looking to explore alien origin artifacts. The series also stars Katee Sackoff, of Battlestar Galactica fame.

And it seems Blair is getting a ton of support from her work colleagues, as she also relayed on Instagram that she felt empowered to talk about her MS condition, thanks to the assistance she’s gotten from Allisa Swanson, the costume designer for Another Life; stating with the post that the patience and help she’s received from the lady when it comes to getting her clothes on for filming has been appreciated.

Vanity Fair revealed that the actress also took the time to thank the number of family and friends who have supported since she found out about her MS diagnosis; from the outpouring of people she knows, to messages of support and love from others who deal with the condition. There have been many out there thanking Selma for coming forth about her diagnosis, and how it is living with the illness; helping to raise much-needed awareness about disease.





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