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Are You Addicted To Your Lip Balm?


You know the drill all too well. You rush out the door in a hurry but never, ever forget your beloved tube of lip balm because you cannot possibly imagine going through an entire day without swiping those lips with it at least twenty times. Sound all too familiar? If it does, don’t fret as you are just like millions of others around the globe that also absolutely adore their lip balm, but it is a healthy habit?

Most probably don’t even consider that lip balm would be dangerous, as it’s not as if you’re drinking and driving a car is it? The issue with chapstick is that some literally cannot stop applying it day or night without any rhyme or reason. The lips no longer even have to feel dry to have the desire to apply the balm for some, it’s merely the action of using the tube that makes so many feel like they are doing themselves a favor.

It this bad for you? Not exactly, but a dermatologist featured on the Daily Edge remarked that some people are without question addicted to using it, and most experts really don’t know why exactly. No one is truly condemning the stick users as hurting themselves, but it doesn’t appear to have any scientific reason as to why so many have to use them day after day. It’s also somewhat comical how quickly people lose their coveted tubes of lip balm, then replace them immediately. You can find them in your pile of laundry trapped in pockets, and lying all over your car, but as long as it’s not harmful then no worries! There’s no debating that the tubes work well, so there appears to be no end in sight of lip balm sales depleting in 2018, or any year thereafter. Happy lip balming!





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