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Is The Almased Shake Diet The Newest Quick Fix To Drop Weight Fast?


It’s that time of year when millions of men and women run to the local fitness centers to start dropping pounds as soon as possible to get that summertime beach body they crave. There will be tons of “quick fix” pills launched on the market during the summer months as well as fitness equipment sales around the country appealing to the masses. Some will be totally worth your time to try out, while others are nothing but scams, which make the trial and error process often expensive and exhausting. Such may not be the case with the newest diet phase, the “Almased” shake weight loss program!

What exactly makes the Almased shake system different from the others? Here’s the facts:

  • The shakes are made of non GMO soy
  • No fillers
  • No added sugar
  • No stimulants
  • Gluten free
  • 27 grams of high quality protein
  • No preservatives
  • Can be mixed with cold liquids
  • Has no taste so it’s easily consumed with your favorite shake flavor or smoothie
  • Manages hunger cravings easily
  • Burns body fat with ease
  • Helps to speed up the metabolism

The plan is super easy to follow, you simply abide by the program’s instructions to have the shakes for your regular three meals per day during phase I, phase II you have two shakes per day, and phase III you come down to one shake per day. The team at Female First has begun trying out the shake plan, and is posting their progress as they go. The reviews thus far online and in Woman’s Day magazine have been great. One female from San Antonio, Texas had her journey with the Almased shakes published in the magazine, depicting her weight loss journey over six months. Miss Isela G. has lost well over 30 pounds in that six month routine, and has kept the weight off with ease.

Always consult with your medical team prior to taking on any dietary changes to ensure that you are healthy enough to be engaging in a diet plan. The Aamased shake mix can be found at most local pharmacy and health supplement stores, and is relatively inexpensive if you wish to try it out!






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