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When Should You Be Alarmed About Your Acid Reflux Challenges


You know when you can start to feel it coming on strong; another bout of acid reflux is coming your way, better get out the antacids! While most people experience this at some point in life, it isn’t usually something to worry terribly about. Acid reflux is a terribly common mishap occurring when stomach acid basically travels up into your esophagus. It can be so common that according to KERA News, most people think nothing of it when it does occur, even if it’s becoming something of quite a habit.

Specialists suggest that if you are finding the need to take over the counter medications such as antacids on a daily basis, or more than what you would find as your normal dose, then it may be time to have a consultation with a gastrointestinologist.

It could be that are living with a much more severe issue than something as trivial as acid reflux if you start to find that swallowing food is troublesome. Vomiting blood, having bloody bowel movements, or experiencing challenges processing food in general, are all warning signs that you need to seek some medical advice and possibly testing. Serious ailments such as pancreatitis for example are often fatal if that is a possibility.

The best way to combat your reflux episodes is to make a journal of what you eat for a few weeks. Include the time of day that you ate each food, and what if any reaction occurred after those food choices. This will not only help your doctor reviewing the food journal have an easier time diagnosing what is causing the reflux, but it can also be a wake up call for many on seeing how much or how little they are eating each day. It could very well save your life just by taking a closer look at what you’re consuming, so start journaling today!





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