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Am I Allergic To Dairy?


In this day and age everyone is becoming more in tune with what they’re eating to keep a closer eye on their overall health, but how do you know if you’re actually allergic to certain foods? Believe it or not, millions of people consume foods everyday that their bodies are sensitive to without even realizing it. How do you have any way of knowing which foods to avoid?

The most informative task you can do for your health is to have a test completed by an allergist, or complete one at home and send it back to a lab to get the results in the mail. It couldn’t be any easier to learn more about how your body responds to certain foods and to plan accordingly going forward to avoid whatever could cause harm to your system. Dairy, for instance, has quite the reputation for having the ability of inflicting all sorts of havoc for many which has tons of people totally eliminating the food group from their lives just to be safe. For those that have a sensitivity to dairy, they can experience anything from acne, to diarrhea, to developing a rash.

Medical professionals do advise that there is a big difference between one that is sensitive to dairy, versus a patient that has a full fledged allergy. The symptoms can be much more severe for those have an allergy. Recently, WQAD reported on a story featuring an 11 year old girl that suffered a fatal reaction to a toothpaste that contained a milk product to help with enamel while brushing. This just goes to reiterate how serious food allergies can truly be, as the parents of the girl were always cautious of reading every label, but never imagined that a toothpaste would contain any dairy ingredients. This very sad story, if anything, should shed some light on the vast importance of having yourself an your little ones tested to ensure they won’t be come into contact with any food items that could harm them. The at-home test kits are so easy to incorporate for the whole family, and so worth every penny!


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