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Americans Not Grasping Health and Fitness Basics


With the plethora of fitness, nutrition and overall health information available on the internet, social media, television, and books; according to a poll, Americans do not have basic knowledge when it comes to health and exercise.

Nautilus, a producer of fitness equipment, polled over 1,000 people recently – and the results were incredible. Close to three-quarters of the respondents were not aware that they could lose one pound of fat by burning 3,500 calories. Additionally, merely 39 percent of those polled understood that an egg is an excellent source of protein. On average, the scores of poll were only 42 out of 100.

With Americans bombarded with fitness information daily, what could cause the lack of general understanding as it relates to the basics of health and fitness? Tom Holland, author and fitness adviser, points out the abundance of misconceptions and myths around health and fitness these days.

Still some other stats from the poll give some hope: close to three quarters of respondents understood that running one mile burns more calories than walking it; and 67 percent of respondents acknowledged working out in the morning as the best time to exercise, however evening and afternoons would work equally as well.

Jessica Matthews, senior adviser for health and fitness, American Council on Exercise chimed in, noting that sometimes the basics on health and fitness can be complicated. She goes on to say that while research shows that one’s body temperature is higher in the afternoon, noting exercise at this time of day can be good; those who choose to work out in the morning generally make it more of a routine, and do it consistently.

Other things to note: while women and men scored equally when it came to not knowing the basics; younger adults (aged 18 to 24) had the highest scores, while adults 65 years and older had the worst marks.





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