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America’s Sweetheart, Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Face May Not Quite Look The Same Following A Tragic Accident


The country music star has truly captured the nation’s attention since we first met her through the talent show, American Idol back in 2005. She’s now the voice of the NFL kickoff song, a wife, and seven time grammy award winner, that has amazingly sold over 64 million records to date. That’s quite a career in just a little over 12 years! Recently, Carrie has shared the news with her fans that she has suffered a terrible fall injury that has left her with some 40-50 stitches in her face!

The Huffington Post recently shared a photo of Carrie that she posted with a scarf wrapped around her face being very coy, and hiding most of her face that you can see for yourself here.

The accident occurred sometime in November of 2017, and she seems rather unsure if her trademark face will come out looking the same after all of the medical treatments. You put that amount of stitches into anyone’s face, odds are they are going to look a tad different than they once did. Underwood seems to come under some level of scrutiny for this story, as some feel she is merely covering up having a bad plastic surgery procedure. Her real fans however, have come to her rescue proving that Carrie had absolutely no reason to go under the knife for any cosmetic surgeries, as she is and has been one of country music’s most desired stars.

Fans are definitely applauding her for being so brutally honest about the tragic incident, as it gives a tangible, relatable vibe to Carrie and the public that also many share a similar story. It certainly proves that no matter what your public status, everyone has real problems that may have anxiety over. The star is still set on going into the recording studio this week, and if anything, this public outpour of strength will likely only widen her fan base even more after suffering such a horrific accident.





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