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Amusement Parks Linked To Over 30,000 Injuries In 2016


‘Tis the season for carnivals and amusement parks, but the stats around safety may have people heading to a zoo this summer. As per the 2016 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), last year a little over 30,000 injuries required emergency room care, due to amusement parks.

In fact, more recently, an individual died and seven were injured due to a malfunctioning ride at Columbus Ohio State Fair. A portion of the Fire Ball ride within the fair broke while in mid-air. One person lost their life and seven others were taken to hospitals in the area for treatment.

Last year, a boy, aged 10, lost his life on a Kansas water slide, while three girls were injured at a Tennessee fair, when they fell off a Ferris wheel. An Ohio man passed away in 2015 after leaping over a restricted area, getting hit by a roller coaster as a result.

Still, CNN reported that the International Association for Amusement Parks has chimed in on this issue, recently relaying a statement that said about 335 million individuals head out to U.S. amusement parks annually, with only a chance that one in 16 million will sustain an injury that could lead to a hospital stay. The association has a yearly safety survey and according to the report just over 1,500 ride-related injuries were sustained by park-goers in 2015. This marks a 32 percent increase from the year prior. No deaths were reported within the survey.

Still, very important to note, the above survey only gathers data on amusement parks with fixed sites, not mobile parks that move from area to area. Parks of this nature include state fairs, as well as carnivals. The over 30,000 injuries from the CPSC that required hospital care last year includes both fixed-site and mobile parks. The CPSC also noted that since 2010, 22 deaths have been linked to amusement parks, however this number does not include water slides or water parks.





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