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Your Annual Flu Vaccine Is Not As Effective As You Thought


It’s definitely a hot topic across the United States every Fall season, on whether you are for or against the coveted flu vaccination, but millions are still religiously getting their shots each year. Are they really working though? In a recent article on Fox 8, health experts are revealing that the flu shot is actually only 10% effective.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the popular immunization may be just 10% effective over the powerful influenza A virus. This is not so great news for those that swear by their annual flu shot, but for those that aren’t fans of it, this comes as no surprise to them. It’s a slippery slope to bring up in a room full of people, much like getting involved in a conversation about politics. It always ends up in a heavy debate, but many feel that when they engage in the vaccine they still developed the flu at some point. Is it just that you’re being injected with a strain of the flu virus that makes them sick, or are they just not benefiting from the immunization?

After a meeting with the World Health Organization, they’ve discovered that the vaccine was mutated, making it much less powerful against the influenza virus than in years past. Does this mean you skip your shot next year? It’s a personal decision, but researchers have reported that even though the vaccine is less potent, it can still greatly help with prevention.

Speak with your medical provider if you have any concerns or questions regarding the immunization, and if you are prone to developing illnesses in the winter season, perhaps it’s time to give yourself a total health makeover starting with the flu shot, and revamping your diet!





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