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Anti-Aging Pill Promises A Life Span Of 120 Years


With technology continually evolving, and science research hitting new heights everyday, one would think that someone would have come up with some sort of pill to stop the aging process by now. We can video stream and chat live with people across the world, order take out from our smart devices, and do so much more … why not add the fountain of youth to that list? Well, it turns out, someone is working towards that very thought, at this very moment.

While scientists have been scrambling for years now to figure out something that could extend a human’s life span, it seems there is one research team that is close to something big. The New Zealand Herald recently reported on a new anti-aging pill that will begin testing on humans, starting in 2016. Not only does this pill promise to extend a person’s life span to 120 years, but it also is hoping to keep individuals in great health until their final days.

The drug is called Metformin, and it is well-used by those suffering from diabetes. While it costs only pennies to make, it aids the flow of oxygen on a cellular level, which slows needed cell divisions that keep bodies functioning properly, but that also leads to aging. Researchers from Belgium have initially tested this pill on roundworms and have seen incredible results. Next step? The drug needs to be tested on human subjects.

Could this really be possible … or just hot air? MSN reports that aging expert Professor Gordon Lithgow, who has been doing aging research for 25 years now notes that he would have initially thought the idea of testing humans on an anti-aging drug may have seemed unimaginable. Still, Lithgow goes on to say that this is quite possible in today’s day and age.





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