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Antibiotics Can Cure You, And Also Harm You If Relied On Too Often


As a nation, America has become extremely dependent on drugs of all sorts, including antibiotics, and as result, it is actually hurting your body trying to fight off bacterial issues. You know it all too well, you start to feel the symptoms of a urinary tract infection so you call your doctor. They quickly see you for a visit or call you in a prescription, and within an hour you have a bottle of antibiotics to take over the next few days. Products such as Amoxicillin are extremely well known for their ability to cure ailments such as dental infections, UTI’s, or pink eye, but are they often doing some harm in the process?

Researchers have said for years that if you rely on a constant flow of antibiotics that your system will become immune to them, and you will eventually not be able to recover from infections as quickly as you once could. You can also often get rid of good bacteria that your body needs to be healthy via prescription antibiotic consumption. Another new level of protection that doctors are looking into is cutting back on the pattern of quickly writing those prescriptions for so many patients. Several states in the U.S. now are linked in a database that allows medical offices to see exactly how many scripts each patient has had over the past few months, and what each one was prescribed for. This was created in an effort to cut back on drug reactions, drug addiction to narcotics, and to prevent patients from randomly going from one doc to the next seeking meds. It can greatly help physicians now if they have the ability to see if the patient is on birth control for instance, as many antibiotics have less potency or interactions with birth control pills, making the whole process safer for all involved.

Some take away notes; don’t take antibiotics unless you absolutely need them. Contrary to popular belief, thousands of people survive many illnesses without ever going to the doctor and getting antibiotics.

Just as New Scientist advises, that if you have a severe illness, to absolutely go get seen, but for the common cold, or the flu, antibiotics don’t cure those ailments anyway so giving your body the chance to heal naturally is always best.





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