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An App That Improves Your Mental Health?


It’s amazing how much time and effort humans put into looking great; going to the gym, eating right, wearing makeup, getting a tan, and so the list ensues. When is the last time you worked on helping your mind feel great though? Probably not really something you have paid much attention to right? That is exactly what the latest trend in apps is trying to change. Apps such as “Moodnotes” is paving the way for a healthy outlook on mental health.

You’re most likely thinking, “how exactly can an app help my state of mind?” and that’s a common inquiry for new users of Moodnotes. The app has a way of waking you up, turning the light on so to speak to show you how you gauge your own mind throughout the day. Upon waking up in the morning for example, how do you normally feel? Energized? Tired? Not prepared for the day ahead? Dreading the 10:00 meeting with your peers and boss? The app requires the user to rate their moods, you simply make a smiley face or a frown and so on. It then asks you what feelings you are going through at this very moment of rating your face, which will tell you if you truly are feeling down, depressed, anxious, or happy.

Over time, the app gives you the ability to track your emotions, and truly gauge how often you are feeling not so impressed, and how often you are totally stoked about your day. What will all of this psychoanalysis work prove? Well, it will primarily show you how you react to certain situations and what emotions you relate to things that happen to you during the week. For example, let’s say you were behind at work and feeling very low about it. The app tracks those emotions and the cause and effect, and in doing so it may result in the next time a similar work struggle comes into play a big change in how you feel about it. Instead of worrying about being behind in your workload, you may get a boost of energy and go into work early the next day to catch up, and then your mood is determined or happy versus just being hard on yourself for staying up to par.

The Moodnotes app is $3.99 and for some users, totally life changing. Often we fall into patterns of bad moods or don’t have any guidance to make our moods reflect our day to day events appropriately. did a full user profile on the app that you mind even more telling to help decide if this app may be just what you were looking for to boost your emotional intelligence!





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