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Would Available Home Health Visits Keep More Patients From Making ER Trips?


Emergency rooms and urgent care centers are popping up in the United States on just about every street corner. Why? Well, to put it simply, they are huge money making facilities for emergency physicians that have the ability to open their own practice up in this type of fashion. Perhaps you have visited one in the past and have an enormous bill to show for it. These physicians in this type of setting get to bill you pretty much whatever they want, and boy do they. You can end up with a bill of a few thousand just for walking in with a cold, or sprained wrist.

People continue to visit these establishments for a few reasons, one because they don’t want to wait it out in the local hospital emergency room, as you can sit there for the greater part on an entire day getting treated. Not everyone has an actual emergency either, as some just need antibiotics or a quick X-ray just to rule out something much worse, and they can be on their way. Most family practice offices don’t have any imaging machines in house, so this takes away the whole waiting around for an MRI office to call and schedule you, and if you needed medicine quickly, the ER is obviously going to provide that for you all in one visit.

With the exuberant cost of making ER trips continuing to rise, some are trying to avoid going there altogether. But, if you still legitimately require care, what other option to be treated can you use? Look no further than a home health visit! In 2018, more providers are recognizing this, and starting to enable home health visits for their patients within of course, a reasonable driving range. They can’t obviously reset a broken limb or distribute scheduled narcotics, but they can provide care for hundreds of other reasons one might need immediate care.

National Public Radio says this new form of care is improving the patient to provider relationship, and in turn, it’s much more accurate and controlled than someone having to go around to several doctors obtaining their care.





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