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Are You Aware Of What Dangers May Be Lurking In Your Child’s School Lunch?


The focus on providing our children with healthy food choices has never been more prominent than it has been in 2018. Millions of parents have opted to pack their child’s school lunches over the traditional cafeteria purchasing process to ensure that their kiddos are eating nutritious meals. While some schools have taken notice on the eating habits of children and tightened up their menus, there are still thousands of educational institutions that are serving fried foods, with tons of unhealthy snacking and soda options.

Teenagers seems to be abusing the system more than the younger children in elementary schools, by chowing down on vending machine chips, candies, and sodas to hold them over for the rest of the day. Not surprising, as the older the child gets the less cool it is to take Mom’s string cheese sticks in a lunchbox in high school. How can you possibly get more food that is sensible into your son or daughter’s lunch if they don’t want what you send with them?

The best advice is to usually make it creative, or incorporate them into the weekly food buying process. If kiddos have some input into what’s going in their lunches, they’re more likely to eat it once they get to school as they picked it out all on their own.

ABC also recommends that parents get fun with packing the lunches such as making items that are fun to eat, like fruit kebabs! Investing in the containers that are kid friendly and appealing to the younger eye are totally worth every penny. The more engaged the child is over their meals the better chances you have of them eating healthy and exactly what you packed them.





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