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Are You Aware Of The Places In Your Home With The Most Germs?


With it being the month of change, January typically equates a lot more organizing than just putting away the holiday decorations until next year. Millions of people start purging their houses, in an effort to start off the new year with less clutter, and more organization. All good things, but with each deep clean of your family abode, you really need to be aware of what items and places in your home that are breeding germs and possibly even causing you to be ill.

In a recent post on She Knows, they tackled this very topic, and brought some alarming news about everything from your kid’s lunch box, to your dish washing sponges. Yes, the very item you utilize to actually clean your dishes can be a massive germ fest. In your kitchen for instance, your sink, counters, cutting boards, and door handles/knobs are all gross culprits. Some other areas of concern are those controllers your children use to play vide games, chew toys that you dog loves, television remotes, car door handles, and ladies, the inside of your purse could all be hiding bacteria. And of course, the bathroom. There you can expect all of the usual suspects such as the toilet seats, sinks, doorknobs, and light switch plates. All germ breeders, all hard to keep super clean on a regular basis, but it is possible if you make a conscious effort.

Experts reveal that not using a towel, sponge, or cleaning rag to wipe up messy areas is the best policy as they cling onto bacteria and can create an unhealthy environment. Instead, turn to cleaning with wipes, or paper towels, anything that can be tossed in the trash after cleaning off a surface, versus keeping the cleaning tool around to continue to breed the bad stuff. Keep toothbrushes away from main living areas, like in a medicine cabinet. Store glasses in a closed space so that they aren’t sat out open face up style, just waiting for germs to enter. Use tools that the modern world has given to you too your advantage, such as Swifter products that are disposable and easy to keep a germ free home all year round.





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