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Are You Aware Of The Serious Health Implications Energy Drinks Can Have On Your Child?


Remember when it was coffee that we were all constantly warned of consuming too much because of the caffeine? Interestingly enough, now it’s energy drinks winning the health risk warnings as many experts believe these quick boosts of energy can be detrimental to your health, especially if your child is downing them just before soccer practice.

Maybe you’re the parent that doesn’t let your son or daughter even touch energy drinks; if so, kudos to you for going the extra mile to protect your child’s health, but millions of other parents may not even be remotely aware of how dangerous these drinks can be for their kids. Research is showing that children drinking a can or two on a pretty regular basis can lead to chest pains, vomiting, and even seizures. Combine an energy drink with controlled medications that so many kiddos are on such as ADHD meds, and you could be taking your child to the ER in no time as that can even be fatal.

To give you a decent example of what the caffeine amount is in many of these popular energy drinks, they can be around 140-160mg per can. The limit that is considered safe for total daily consumption for a child around 11 or 12? 105mg is the absolute limit for a child this age, so you can imagine what a jolt their little bodies are getting from chugging a can, or even two before studying for a big test, or going to a sports tournament over the weekend.

How do you control this issue? Either as parents, you simply don’t buy them and strongly advise your children to never purchase them, or you work with legislature to place a ban on allowing children to buy them in the first place. The team at Lad Bible had recently reported that celebrities such as Jamie Oliver have publicly asked for this exact type of ban be passed to protect our youth. Will it come to fruition? Time will tell, but just as sugary sodas earn millions each year from children purchasing them, energy drink companies will definitely be opposed to this ever becoming a law, as young people buying the drinks is a huge chunk of their earnings.

Your safest bet as a parent; don’t buy them. Kids can’t consume unhealthy foods that aren’t in their kitchens to begin with, and teach them about how severe the consequences can truly be if they drink these products.





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