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Back To School Sickness Is Every Parent’s Fear This Time Of Year


Ah that time of year when all parents rejoice together sending their kiddos back to school every fall season. You’ve exhausted every possible option all summer long trying to combat the “Mom, I’m bored” syndrome; and it’s time to get organized, get educated, and mingle with new school peers. While this is an exciting time for all involved, it can also be the calm before the storm as far as the feared “back to school” cold rears its ugly face.

During the summer, your child may not come into close contact with other children that frequently. Due to this, upon returning to school all day long, many kids end up exposing themselves to germs all over again, and end up with a back to school sickness. It usually lasts just a few days, but it can be annoying as you certainly don’t want your son or daughter missing school just as it starts up for the fall semester. So what, if anything, can you do?

Experts weigh in on the dreaded topic, and advise parents to be proactive by pumping their kids full of vitamin C the week before school begins. Encourage them to use proper hand washing techniques, and incorporate hand sanitizer as a part of their routine. Fox 13 News advised many teachers will be getting out the Lysol sprays and wipes and disinfecting their classrooms as much as possible to get a jumpstart on prevention.

For additional resources, the American Lung Association has done their homework providing excellent tips on preventing illnesses, and even offering suggestions on children that may be old enough to handle their own medications safely. They also have quizzes and an action plan to get you ready for the back to school germ party better than ever! With a plan in place, lots of hydration, good nutrition, and keeping the child’s living spaces and hands as sanitized as possible, you can have a healthy fall school semester.





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