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No Bacon? That’s Okay … Just Eat Like A Greek


If you haven’t heard yet, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report stating processed meats (the likes of sausage, ham, and bacon) could cause cancer. It seems these meats might be carcinogenic for individuals.

Before you bacon-lovers lose all hope that there is any reason to go on eating, there is some good news. Ditch the bacon, and eat like a Greek. Perhaps consuming a little more feta? It does make everything better …
In all seriousness, doctors are now recommending (more than ever) for people to turn to the Mediterranean diet.

It’s no secret, numerous studies in the past have revealed that if you want to stay healthy, choosing the Mediterranean diet (which focuses on fruit, veggies, and nuts – yet limits dairy and meat) will not only leave your taste buds satisfied; but also leave you fit as a fiddle. CNN reports that the diet decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and helps keep the brain healthy. To boot: the diet can help decrease overweight issues and obesity, which is not only good for your figure and confidence, but your overall health as well.

How can you start to dive into this healthy way of eating right away? The beauty of the Mediterranean diet is that is does offer variety, and an excellent array of flavors and tastes. Design meals that focus on plenty of vegetables, as well as beans and cereal-type options. Poultry and fish can be consumed at least twice a week. When it’s time to snack; reach for fresh fruit and nuts. It’s not necessary to avoid carbs, and you can have about three carb servings daily; especially if you eat whole-grains. Use olive oil to cook with versus butter. Try and limit dairy, meat, and saturated fats as much as possible. The best part: if you need to unwind during dinner, a glass of red wine is suggested, as it is good for the heart. We are sold!

For all those who can’t bear the thought of giving up bacon for good, just remember, a treat now and again won’t hurt. Fostering healthy eating habits so that you can indulge once in a while is the best way to ensure a healthy, long life.





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