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Is A Ban On Alcohol The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself This January?


Congrats, you survived the holidays! Now, it’s time for the real work to be put in, as we all go back to our regular schedules, and stop living in the blissfully happy holiday mode. You’ve likely already had your New Year cocktails already down the hatch, so what are your thoughts on having a dry January to really jump headfirst into a healthy 2018?

Seems extreme to some, but doctors advise it could be a wonderful start to detox all of that holiday food and drink you’ve consumed for the past few weeks. Some holiday lovers have even reported that they often begin the celebratory eating around the Thanksgiving holiday, and it just continues from there all the way through New Years. That can quickly add up to roughly two months of overeating, (albeit delicious), and drinking a bit too much celebrating with friends, and family alike.

According to an article on, January 20th has been named the day where everyone quits their dry habit that they started the first day of the year. Maybe 20 days without alcohol seems like quite a victory to you? Perhaps it sounds like small potatoes to others, but either way, it’s a step made in the right direction to better your health. Don’t let the label of “dry” anything stop you from continuing down your journey of eating healthy, and staying on top of your well being. Most that do go through a dry spell do notice positive changes in their energy, sleep, and weight levels. Give it try, even a dry March may be a wonderful jumpstart to a new you!





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