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Which is More Beneficial, Diet or Exercise?


Are you one of the millions trying out Crossfit, or getting on Plexus to start a new you makeover? Health and fitness certainly has gained some fans this year, and it’s sparked some conversations about what the real differences are between dieting and exercise.

The answer in short…they’re both needed to have a healthy body. Food fuels the body from the inside so that you can reach your fitness goals on the outside. They both have a laundry list of benefits, but how can you be sure you are getting the most from both efforts?

Experts are saying that diet has been ingrained in the minds of everyone as the leading cause of obesity, and that may not be entirely true. Of course as math works, if you simply consume fewer calories, then you’ll be thin, but thin people can be just as unhealthy internally as overweight folks. Exercise can provide a lot that diet alone cannot, such as body shape strength and shape, or the mental clarity that it offers.

EcoWatch provided some additional points of view on the matter, reporting that if more people took an interest in trying to live a healthier lifestyle, that so many things in the world would change. Things such as the cost of health insurance, obesity rates would lower and so would thousands of people on medications, and tons of diseases that are related to being overweight.

Fitness helps keep the body strong, it decreases your ability to develop injuries, and it relieves stress. Food on the other hand has been well known as a way to actually cure diseases, so to even remotely try to compare that two would be foolish. The trick to being a healthy person is to use both of these methods to keep out of the doctor’s office.

If you watch what you eat, even half of the time during the week you are ahead of most Americans as research shows. Combine that with starting to get some form of exercise incorporated into your routine a few days a week, and you are on the way to a healthier you. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment either, that so many are afraid of. Weight loss can be as simple as taking the scenic route walking your dog each day to get some miles on the clock. It can mean packing a healthy lunch to work versus going to a drive through and making poor choices for lunch, or things to that nature. Good luck with your journey and keep track of your progress!


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