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The Best Fourth of July Weekend Safety Tips For Parents and Dog Owners!


It’s a beautiful weekend to be an American in the states with the one of the biggest holiday celebrations taking place this week; the 4th of July freedom party wave! Every summer families and singles start planning early for what their amazing 4th festivities will be, whether it’s a vacation trip, or a neighborhood shindig, fun will most certainly be had by all. While it’s incredible to see so many proud Americans respecting their country, it can also be a very dangerous time if the right precautions aren’t set into motion.

The Chron recently highlighted some very good points on safety that are worth detailing:

  • The first and most important rule of thumb should always be to have an adult present anytime fireworks are going to be set off. Even kids in their teen years presume they are old enough to facilitate this on their on, and low and behold every year, a large number of them end up visiting the emergency room. Stay safe, and always ask for a parent, or neighbor to supervise.
  • Realize that not all kids are fans of explosives and loud noises. Children with autism for instance, generally dislike and can be rather terrified of being around the 4th traditions. Loud noises aren’t easy for them to be around, nor are large crowds of people, so definitely take precautions if your child may need other plans for the day to not traumatize them over a night of celebrating. Some kids do well wearing headphones or simply staying indoors for the festivities, while others cannot be around it whatsoever. It’s one day where you may have to rearrange your plans to better suit a little one.
  • Pets can also be a huge safety concern during the 4th. Did you know it’s been reported as one of the biggest times of the year for dogs to run away and end up being left at shelters? The loud noises often terrify the furry companions, and they will do anything to get away to a quieter place. Keep your pets indoors to be on the safe side, and maybe even go a step further and leave a radio or television on with calming music or have someone sit and lay with them during the louder parts of the evening to avoid any dog or cat mental health scares.
  • Of the course the most obvious of safety tips needs to be addressed, and that is to always set off fireworks where they are legally allowed to be utilized. Every year tons of people presume that it’s feasible to set them off if they are on their own property, and often they reside in a “no fireworks” residential area. Avoid getting a hefty fine in your neighborhood, and check to see if they are legal where you live first.

Have a safe 4th of July, and remember that there are numerous ways of celebrating the freedom holiday without all of the loud noises or fireworks if that just doesn’t suit your family’s needs. Some opt to go away where it’s super quiet like in the mountains, or have a game or movie night at home to keep all pets and kids free from anything that could potentially hurt them more than be a pleasurable experience.


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