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The Best New Tips on How to Keep Seniors Healthy For The Holidays


It’s that time again…bells ringing, colder weather, family gatherings, and endless amounts of food readily available. While the holidays are basically for children to learn the magical spirit of giving and seeing loved ones, it can be a challenging time for the older members of your family.

For instance, most may be so incredibly busy this month that they totally forget the seniors in their family, or their neighborhoods that may live alone. Many on a fixed income that cannot afford a lavish holiday feast, or to buy gifts for the many kids in their families. It’s cold outside, and they have a higher risk of slips and falls on ice, and overdoing it shoveling snow, or even just walking their dogs.

According to Michigan State, there are so many ways that you can help the senior citizens in your life have a wonderful, and healthy holiday season!

  • Always set up outdoor activities to be completed by yourself, a family member, or pay that teenager down the street a few dollars to shovel snow. This is just one thing seniors do not have to be worrying themselves over if you can get it arranged so that it’s done immediately and they aren’t trying to clear their walkways at one in the morning.
  • Drop off food. Even if they told you they are set for the holidays. They don’t want to bother anyone, but once it’s sitting in their kitchen smelling delicious, they may just have a few bites of what you’ve made. Your an also have Christmas dinner delivered by many sources such as Uber eats, or by ordering ahead to places such as Honeybaked Ham.
  • Check on them. Just do a well check. Are they staying afloat? Is the heating on if necessary at their place, and are they still taking any medications they need to be on? Maybe they just need a night to crash on your sofa enjoying the company of others? More often than not seniors develop depression, especially if they are recently widowed, or don’t have any family locally. It can be very challenging going from having a house full of children and a full time career, to an empty, quiet home in the golden years.

Just by going through these three tips, you just might make a huge impact on someone’s life in your community. All of your efforts are sure to be appreciated and could very well save them from an unnecessary holiday injury.





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