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Best Work-Life Balance Jobs


Everyone is looking for more work-life balance when it comes to their careers these days, however this can be difficult to achieve. With our smartphone devices always with us, everywhere we go; we are constantly connected to work through email and instant messaging programs – which can make it challenging to break away away from work … even when you are not in the office. The idea behind work-life balance is the ability to work hard, and play hard; meaning that you should enjoy the challenge of a fine career, but also have the ability to focus and enjoy family and social activities. More often than not, we tend to forget that there is life after work, and failing to have some fun once in a while can just increase stress, and make an individual feel overworked.

However, maintaining a good work-life balance is easier said than done at times, especially when it comes to certain jobs. Glassdoor, a career website, recently reported on a survey it conducted from it users to find out which job has the best work-life balance … and the results may surprise you. According to Glassdoor’s survey, those with the roles of SEO Manager, Data Scientist, and Talent Acquisition Specialists are the best jobs when it comes to work-life balance.

When it came to ranking these the ‘best of the best’ (as it relates to work-life balance), Glassdoor’s scale was based on careers with a minimum of 75 work-life reviews on their site within the past year, as well as a minimum of 75 various companies with the ‘work-life balance’ term appearing in a minimum of 15% of the reviews. Additionally, the career choice had to have a minimum of 200 openings on the website.

While the website did not announce the jobs that were rated as the worst when it comes to work-life balance,
MSN reports what they did reveal were details about those roles that had below average numbers.





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