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Beth Chapman Loses Her Battle With Cancer At 51


Millions of fans are mourning the loss of Beth Chapman, wife of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” television star, Duane Champan after she unexpectedly lost her battle with cancer on June 26th. Beth was well known for her no nonsense personality, and constant desire to help those running from the law that may have just needed that “Motherly” advice she so abundantly dished out. Many who were familiar with the show often say that it was Beth that saved Duane’s future by getting him sober and a life as a bail bondsman which evolved into a very lucrative business.

According to the Washington Post, Beth’s throat cancer diagnosis came about just a few years ago when viewers learned of her surgery to remove the throat cancer. The couple released statements advising the public that Beth was then cancer free, and went about their normal routine. The this month it seems she became extremely ill, and way too quickly for anything to be stopped. She was placed in a medically induced coma and within just a few days she was gone. Dog the Bounty Hunter has advised in numerous news platforms that he had no idea this was coming. Certainly Beth knew of her fate, but they never saw it coming this soon.

Many angry fans seem to assume that Beth’s throat cancer came on as a result of Dog’s chronic smoking habit, but sources close to the family reveal that no one ever confirmed why Beth developed the cancer. At such as sad time the family needs support versus theories as to why she became ill, as no matter what they cannot bring her back now. It’s a very tearful journey for fans of the show, and one that you can familiarize yourself with on the A&E documentary “Dog and Beth, Fight of Their Lives” which was released back in 2017.

Our thoughts are with the Chapman family at this time, and may they find healing in the days to come.


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