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What Is The Big Mystery Behind Fibromyalgia?


Some conditions just don’t seem that obvious to others around you, and when this happens it can be very trying to explain what it is you’re going through. Millions of fibromyalgia patients find this to be true when trying to not only reiterate their symptoms to their friends and family, but when advising their doctor about their challenges to get a factual diagnosis. Fibro gets a bad rep because it’s one of those illnesses that others can’t see and then you end up feeling the need to validate your own symptoms which can be ridiculous for anyone to have to deal with.

Think back a decade or two, you likely never even really heard of the condition much less knew anything about it. Now in 2018 it seems as if more and more people are being diagnosed with the ailment, which is good news for those who have struggled for years not knowing what was causing their agony. Fibro causes widespread pain, insomnia, headaches, GI problems, tingling feet, and even depression which is why it is so imperative that more doctors fully understand what causes the issue, and how to treat it accurately.

Treatments for fibromyalgia can range from prescription medications, to therapy, to getting regular exercise and/or managing your daily stress levels better.

The National Pain Report website recently revealed that there are other methods of relieving symptoms of the condition that are effective that you may not have considered yet. Using mineral drops, eating a whole foods diet plan, and even putting coffee enemas to work for you can be the trick to managing the whole situation. Each patient has varying symptoms and treatments that will work well for them, so don’t lose focus if these tips aren’t doing it just yet. You may have to keep working at it for a few weeks until you find the best combination of resources that help you navigate your illness a little easier.





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