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Biking To Work Can Make The Day Less Stressful


No shocker here, but work is one of the largest stresses for individuals across America. Still, as per a new study, a great way to help decrease this stress is biking to work. In fact, a research team stemming from Canada’s Concordia University found that those who biked to work were less stressed upon arrival, versus those who drove.

Perhaps it’s because you avoid all that road rage that can gear that stress up when it comes to arriving to work?

All joking aside, one of the main sources of stress in the United States is work. No surprise there for many, however, according to new research, there may be a simple way to alleviate workplace stress: jumping on a bike and cycling your way to the office.

Interestingly, a 2012 survey from the American Psychological Association stated that 65% of American adults revealed it was work that caused a big stress in their life, with over one third of U.S. adults claiming that they experience chronic stress due to work. More so, 36% of American workers stated that their employers provide adequate support when it comes to managing their work-related stress.

Maybe they just need to start cycling to work?

Regardless, Medical News Today reports that the study team used an online survey to gather information from just over 120 workers who reside at a Canadian software company called Autodesk. The questionnaire asked about their commute (i.e. biking, car, public transit), as well as perceived mood and stress levels. The surveys were completed approximately 45 minutes after coming to work.

As Stéphane Brutus, lead author of the study, relays, newer research has indicated that morning stress and moods can be shape how other events are interpreted the rest of the day. When it came to comparing employees who biked to work, versus those who commuted via a car, workers reported a decrease in stress levels within those 45 minutes after arriving to work. Still, the study did not find a difference when it came to stress levels and comparing those workers who commuted by car or by public transit.

It’s important to note, the research did not reveal a ‘why’ around bikers feeling a decreased stress level versus their driving counterparts, however studies in the past have suggested that it could be because of the physical activity involved, which has shown to help with overall anxiety and stress in general.





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