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That Binge Watching TV Habit Can Actually Result In Blood Clots?


Yes, you read that correctly, those endless hour you spend on the weekend streaming your favorite show on Netflix can honestly cause extremely dangerous health challenges. It’s always been something that we warn our children to not indulge too often in by watching excessive amounts of television, but according to these new findings, the habit can be problematic for adults and kids.

In a recent article on, scientists are advising that television viewing can lead to something called “Venous Thromboembolism”, which is a condition of the veins that effects the legs, arms, or pelvis, and lead to clotting deep inside the lungs. Professor Mary Cushman who lends her expertise to Vermont University revealed that it’s not just the screen time that is dangerous, but the habits that play a role in watching television that can add insult to injury. binge eating for instance, and not getting up and moving around are problematic. The longer we sit still without any exercise, the more of a threat this potentially fatal illness can become.

If you exercise regularly, you can severely decrease your chances of this being an issue. In this case, if you aren’t quite ready to give up your tv marathon time, then use it as a time to get up and get moving. Just walking in place, doing yoga steps, or lifting even small weights while your favorite programs are on can be a much healthier alternative. Make it fun by encouraging your friends or family members to join in on the fitness tv habit, as that can be an easier way to keep the good work up. Do things like hourly step challenges to keep moving as time goes by, and wear a fitness tracker to see how much progress you’re making!





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