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Is Your Birth Control Pill To Blame For Your Depression?


While the title of this article may be scary, it is often found to be the reason so many women are visiting their physicians. Living in this organic loving world in 2018, it should come as no surprise why so many ladies are totally cutting ties with the pill, but they could very well have a point in doing so, says some medical experts in a Vogue article.

The pill has many benefits for those suffering from PCOS, or from symptoms of severe PMS, but it can also jeopardize several other health challenges when taken regularly. Taking the pill can result in a higher chance of developing breast cancer, infections of the bladder, hair loss, severe or reoccurring headaches, lower sex drive, and blood clotting. Even worse for women, it also leads to gaining weight and the ever popular, cellulite. Once a woman has taken the pill for a while, it also requires additional needs for zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B6.

There are so many other warnings that so few actually pay attention to when on birth control tablets, like avoiding or lowering their caffeine intake. It can be flat out dangerous to be chugging that huge cup of morning Starbucks if you’re a pill taker. It can also be scary if you aren’t aware that the pill can cause these vitamin deficiencies, as it can quickly cause mood changes that are able to lead to depression. Who wants to live with all of these side effects, and potentially a hardcore battle with depression all over just taking the pill when there are other options?

It is strongly advised that you consult with a gynecologist about your options, versus just heading to primary care doctor with your questions. Gynecologists are specially trained to answer these inquiries better than any regular practice doctor, and may have better birth control products that would be ideal for your specific needs. Always be frank about your health with your doctor, from what medications you have been taking, to any/all symptoms you’ve been experiencing so that they can properly assess your needs.





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