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Is Your Birthday to Blame For Your Allergy Issues?


Allergies seem to be somewhat on the rise all over the United States, and trying to combat them keeps pharmaceutical companies very wealthy. After you’ve given loads of medications, essential oils, and a slew of dietary adjustments you may have heard of the newest health breakthrough that your birth date may be the culprit for your allergy suffering.

Experts are saying that if you were born in between September and March, you may be suffering due to your allergy horoscope. A recent study revealed that humans have certain DNA markers that can be connected to seasonal births. For example, if you are born during the fall, the research shows that you may have a higher development of eczema forming. Those who were born in the winter have increased chances of asthma forming.

Some have believed for decades that the answers to many health challenges are written in the stars, but only until now have some medical experts allowed those thoughts to be a part of health educating. Dr. Gabrielle Lockett, who was the first author in said study interestingly stated that “epi-genetic marks discovered in this study could also potentially be the mechanism for other seasonally influenced diseases” leading to the fact that this evidence could additionally predict diseases as well.

Teen Vogue released the story recently, and it can certainly make one want to look into their own allergies a little further. Perhaps consulting with an astrologer or your medical provider to review the coincidences in allergies you may be experiencing would be worth your time. Certainly leaves some food for thought if you are like thousands of allergy sufferers that are spending a ton on trying to decrease their symptoms all to find out it has to do with your birth date if it can’t really be controlled with medications.





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