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Breast Milk Donation Center Helps Out Mothers of Babies in Neonatal Care


Having a baby is a lot more pressure than just carrying around a huge belly for nine months. The hormones, the food cravings, the weight gain, the insane pressure society places on women to lose said weight in record time after having the baby…it just never ends. Then you have this beautiful little newborn to hold for years to come, and you find out that they’re going to require some type of neonatal care, which could take days for some, and weeks to months for other babies depending on the severity of their birth condition.

You tell yourself how you are totally going to breast feed the baby as long as possible, as you’ve learned how healthy it is for them; that is, until you actually have the baby and you come to find out that your body isn’t allowing that plan to happen. Millions of new Moms can’t breastfeed no matter how long they diligently try. Maybe your baby just won’t latch on, or even through a bottle they aren’t eating well, while other Moms just aren’t having any luck being able to produce enough breast milk to maintain a healthy weight for the baby. Whatever the situation, it’s frustrating and now The Norwich Bulletin reported that other Moms are stepping up to help out by donating their breast milk!

A baby in neonatal care requires the utmost caution, and one way to help them grow and gain weight to graduate out of the NICU, is to be breastfed. For those Moms who aren’t able to, there are women coming out of the woodwork to lend a hand. The new Milk Bank at Catholic Charities in Norwich is doing some incredible things by providing such a service for these deserving babies. Maybe you pumped a ton of milk during the past few months, but no longer use it. Instead of letting it sit in the freezer for months until you pitch it, put that milk to great use by donating it! Check your local city to see if there is a center where you can drop off donations of breast milk, or get online and mail yours to potentially help a NICU baby from having to stay hospitalized, and get them home with their eager families!





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