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That Busy Schedule of Yours is Doing Wonders for Your Brain


You spend your weekends running the kids from soccer practice to music lessons, to the grocery store all in time to run home and make a family dinner. It’s a busy life these days for millions of people, whether they have kids or not. If you get frustrated with your nonstop life, take a bow because experts are now reporting that keeping busy has excellent health benefits!

According to Immortal, a woman named Sara Festini spearheaded a study that proved those that juggle a full day of events and tasks have healthier brains. They may not necessarily be wiser or smarter in any capacity, but as far as mental health is concerned, those nonstop days are doing wonders for their brains.

The results of the study reported that busy adults perform at a higher level when taking tests, or playing games, or completing crossword puzzles. Developing or taking on new skills can also greatly advance an aging brain! Take up a new language, start a walking group, or learn how to cook like you’re from another country! It’s a win/win situation helping you continue to gain new skills, while ensuring that your mind will be fresh at all times.

According to Ms. Sara that led the study, she feels that keeping busy can also lead to an increase in cognitive function as well. If you continue to lead an active lifestyle you can also decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s at a later age, which can be a very intense illness to live with.





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