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How Buying A Bottle Of Liquid Chlorophyll Can Change Your Skin Practically Overnight


If you’re looking for a way to transform your skin, then take a look next time you’re at your local health food store at picking up a small bottle of chlorophyll! Yep, the stuff that’s in all of those green vegetables can truly make a quick impact on obtaining glowing, ageless skin.

According to Glamour Magazine, one beauty writer described her transformation using just a teaspoon per day and watching her skin begin to look much younger. Perrie Samotin described her details of experience with the chlorophyll as decreasing the dry patches she had on her face, she had increased levels of energy, and even accredited the magic green liquid as a way to recover from a hangover much quicker than usual!

As CTV reported recently, you can also add chlorophyll to foods as well, such as the success of “unicorn food”. What? Yes, we said unicorn food. So, this trend is where you add drops of chlorophyll to your food which magically “makes it various unicorn colors”, such as mixing it with cream cheese on a piece of wheat toast. It’s a fun way to get kids engaged in making smart food choices, and they love the creativity of it all.

Basically, this is a fun, and easy way to get your greens in without all the time it requires eating loads of salads, and antioxidant rich foods. By just using the chlorophyll drops each day, you can gain skin improvement, a spike in energy levels, improved red blood cell counts, and so forth. It’s a quick fix to lots of health challenges, that’s relatively inexpensive (you can grab a bottle for just a few dollars) that lasts you quite some time. Experts advise to keep it in the refrigerator to preserve it even longer!





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