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Call For Christmas Cards To Cheer Up Little Girl Battling Cancer


Many of us are thankful for family, friends, health and so much more this time of year. Then there are those who are struggling, whether that be due to conflict, finances, or health issues bestowed upon themselves or someone close to them.

Still, tis the season to not only rush around to find the perfect gift for loved – but also give back in any way possible. Even if that means sending along a simple Christmas card to someone in need of a cheer up.

Have you done any good deeds this holiday season, as of yet? Whether you have or have not, time to listen up: there’s a little girl who could use some Christmas cheer.

Jaunita Rodenhiser, a mom with a nine-year-old daughter her is battle cancer right now, is asking that people take the time to send her little one a Christmas card to help brighten her spirits. Like most children, Hailey gets excited when something comes in the mail for her and her mother thought this would be a great idea to help bring a little comfort and joy to the child as she undergoes a very difficult time in her life.

CNN reported that anyone who may be interested in spreading some love over this holiday season, you can send Hailey a Christmas card to the below address:

151 Hirtle Road
Dayspring, NS
B4V 5R1 Canada

Chris Cuomo, of CNN, stated recently on New Day that the little girl especially adores cards donned with animals, such as horses, cats, and dogs. She aspires to become a veterinarian someday.

It was two years ago, in 2014, that Hailey was given the lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis. The child has been under chemotherapy treatments since. Sadly, this can be a brutal and draining procedure for any child (or adult) that undergoes chemo. Her mom is hoping that receiving Christmas cards from all around North America and the world can help keep Hailey’s spirits up, during this difficult time.






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