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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Be Just The Trick To Improve Your Health?


Apple cider vinegar has become incredibly well known as a staple in pantries of health experts all over the globe. It has loads of health benefits, and many have been using it for decades. Here are just a few ways the ACV can help your body:

  • Finally get rid of GERD: Acid re-flux holding you back from enjoying all of your favorite foods? Look no further than having a few teaspoons of ACV during the day to stop the heartburn, the acidic pain that can come back up the esophogus, and even cause chest pains, which can all worsen and result in permanent damage if not treated properly.
  • Get your weight in check: There has been a ton of reviews on how people have utilized ACV to help them reach their weight loss goals. The easy vinegar plan has a way of curbing hunger, and helping the body digest carbs better, which can all assist with weight loss.
  • Better skin- Many have publicized that they use ACV to wash their faces at night, as well as a natural toner product to combat acne and skin tone.
  • Whiter Teeth- Just as apple cider vinegar can brighten your skin, it can do wonders for your teeth as well! Just grab a tablespoon of it and swirl it around your teeth with some water for a few minutes. You can also dab a bit of it on a cotton ball and simply wipe it over your teeth to get a whitening effect going, as well as getting rid of stains from coffee or smoking that can ruin the appearance of your smile.

There are still numerous uses for apple cider vinegar, but these are a good start. Many holistic experts recommend buying an organic brand of ACV to ensure that you are getting the highest quality of unprocessed vinegar to use.

The Statesman recommends not attempting to substitute these health tips with white or any other type of vinegar as they are only useful with brands such as Braggs apple cider vinegar.


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