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Can We Band Together to Boost Women’s Mental Health through Social Media?

Ladies, we need to talk. If I read one more mean girl’s comment on a post that was originated to reflect a positive statement, I am going to move to Alaska and happily start my own homestead with no internet. Why is this necessary? Why must there be endless comments regarding someone’s choice of wardrobe, their demeanor, or if they misspelled something in their status? I often wonder if other women realize just how foolish they appear making a public shame of themselves. Why comment at all? It’s the genius equivalent of following celebrities on Instagram or Twitter that you despise just to make unnecessary comments about how much you dislike them? If you don’t like them, why are you following them? To publicize your own inferiority complex? Seriously, who has this amount of free time?

I detest the image it gives others about women in general when this petty girl to girl banishing is all people can refer to as a means of feminine anthropology. When I was a child the only reference I had to women being catty to each other was if I overheard a group of women chatting about another; which was rare. Young girls now login online and have a plethora of horrible behaviors to mimic. Why can’t women just be happy for other women? Does it give you some twisted form of self validation to find fault in others? Perhaps what you feel is a fault in them is something they cherish about themselves.  Why isn’t encouragement taught at home before middle school hits and young girls are picking each other apart and bullying on social media?

In lieu of this social epidemic, I am elated to be the Mother of sons because life is much simpler. Boys may be immature and playful, but at the same time that is precisely what makes them a pleasure to be around. If something bothers them, they hash it out and move on. Men don’t ever see another man walk into a store and mentally pick his outfit apart or what type of shoes he is wearing. They just don’t care! There is something to be said for our male counterparts that don’t fall prey to such misogyny.

How do we fix it? Can we fix it? Yes and yes! Recent studies reflected on Cox Blue stated the obvious that women use social media more than men. No real shocker there, so let’s stop the cycle by showing the world what we are capable of! Lift up other women, don’t give junior high behavior a public platform, be the shining example of a strong woman that millions of young girls are craving to see. Sharing nothing but hatred is vulgar, jealousy looks good on no one, and life is entirely too short to waste it doing anything short of inspiring our young population to be better than us.

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