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Can Your Body Actually Suffer From The Divorce Process?


This is kind of a no brainer as millions of couples separate and one or both parties may have a really challenging time trying to get accustomed to their new normal. Divorce is painful emotionally, which bleeds into physical pain, and lots of folks will require an adjustment period as it can be a lot to take in. Some of the changes that can happen during and after a divorce are weight gains or losses, some struggle with substance abuse, financial troubles, developments such as depression can creep up for so many. It’s not supposed to be an easy situation, and the more you focus on that aspect that it will be a process but that you will survive it, the quicker you can start living your new life.

An example of this that’s currently in the news featured on Celebrity Insider, is the headlines about Angelina Jolie looking extremely thin lately, with spectators assuming it is as a result of the very public separation and custody battle with her ex, Brad Pitt. Some posts are even suggesting that Angelina weighs only 79 pounds, which would be a health crisis for a woman as tall as she is at that drastic weight. Who knows if that number is actually factual, but it definitely speaks to the pattern of how stress from work, school, marriages, and raising children can totally take over your health, and not always in a good way.

If you or someone you care about appears to be suffering from the changes that divorce and custody wars can often bring, it’s always best to be the person in their life that isn’t judging them, but trying to provide them with help instead. Listening to their thoughts on the process, and interjecting that they may find some relief in speaking with a therapist, or taking a vested interest in their health during this time to ensure that they are taking care of themselves. It does get better and not feel so raw in due time following these massive life changes, and never, ever feel ashamed to ask for help!





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