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Can Caffeine Boost Your Long-Term Memory?


There is great news out for there coffee drinkers. It’s possible that caffeine may in fact boost your long term memory. There have been studies in the past that indicated there are health benefits to ingesting caffeine, but recent studies are showing that if caffeine is used after a study session that it could actually improve long term memory. The journal Nature Neuroscience has some interesting things to say about caffeine.

A major study conducted at John Hopkins University by researcher Daniel Borota was conducted to determine whether the caffeine we ingest can impact long term memory. The study was conducted on 160 people between the ages of 18 and 30. They found some surprising results.

The participants went through a series of memory tests and then were given caffeine supplements randomly. The next day the same memory tests were conducted to determine if there were any changes. The results showed that the people who did not received placebo but instead had the caffeine did better with memory exercises then others who had not had the caffeine.

Based off of the study researchers are saying that 200mg of caffeine daily may boost long term memory. It’s only effective however with 200mg as tests were done using 100mg and although performances improved, they improved far better on 200mg but there was no change when they increased it to 300mg. The tests also indicated that the caffeine didn’t work as well if it was given before testing instead of after it.

The science behind why caffeine may enhance long term memory is simple. They claim that caffeine blocks a molecule called adenosine which is known to stop a hormone called norepinephrine which has positive effects on memory.

Most Americans however are known to be drinking more than 300mg of caffeine a day in various forms such as coffee, tea, pop and even energy drinks. Many studies have shown that caffeine may reduce the risk of liver disease and that someone who drinks 2-4 cups of coffee a day may have a lower chance of ever wanting to commit suicide.

But don’t go downing the caffeinated drinks quite yet, excessive caffeine consumption can alter your sleep patterns and speed up your heart. The benefits it seems only come if caffeine is taken in moderation.





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