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Can Having a Dog Improve Your Quality of Life?


For me, this is a no-brainer. Dogs are like our extended headcount of children in our household, but not everyone feels this way. Some pet owners may be dog parents, but only have them for protection, or inherited their furry kid from a family member; versus those that feel they simply cannot live without that dog bowl in the corner of their homes. So for the ones still on the fence about what benefits dog ownership can bring to their lives, listen up as the experts have weighed in on the topic and they claim everything from better love lives to feeling secure in more ways than one.

The folks at “YourTango” recently bulleted a few major ways that living with canines can add value to your life. Here is a quick review of the study depicted on the Pulse this week-

  • Having that connection with your four legged friend can build love that lasts long after their lifespan. A high percentage of dogs that are purchased from breeders or adopted from shelters are by those who are recently living alone, or senior citizens as companions. As you likely already know, everyday hundreds of dogs can change everything in their owner’s lives from being someone to love, to barking in the event of a medical emergency. Dogs can help their owner’s lower their blood pressure and decrease their chances of cardiovascular ailments, among other health improvements such as preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Dogs love their families unconditionally. Often this can be crystal clear at a time in the dog owner’s life when they really need to feel loved. Not having to feel lonely and always having your furry friend around to take walks with or snuggle up and sleep with can be just what you need. They are faithful no matter what happens to them, and can be life changing when living in a household that was previously feeling very empty.
  • Security; without question the biggest part of a dog’s job is to protect their families. Even the smallest toy breed will do everything in their power to bark, growl, and notify you of any danger. This provides piece of mind to the families, as they get an added layer of security at home, and usually can deter any possible home invasions.

Dogs are also great to have around if you may be considering having a baby. They begin to teach you how to live to care for someone else, to ensure that they are always fed, cleaned, and well cared for. Dogs can often be the only life-form that some feel they ever connected to in their lifetimes. Less stress, more love, and a built in security guard; it’s pretty simple to see why so many are brining dogs into their lives.







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