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Can Ear Plugs Put an End to Grinding Your Teeth?


Millions of people all over the world wake up every morning to headaches, soreness in their jaw areas, and have to start their day with pain relievers. No one wants to start their day like this, and it’s all customary for those suffering through the night grinding their teeth while they sleep. This condition is also called “bruxism”, and for those that have to live with this ailment, good news may be on the way with the easy use of ear plugs.

For those that have ever tried sleeping with mouth guards, you know all too well how it can take away that natural feeling of getting effortless sleep. It’s an annoying way to try to sleep with a plastic retainer stuck in your mouth all night, but for years, this was the only possible solution. The Daily Mail is getting people talking about the use of ear plugs as a welcomed alternative!

Cerezen is a new form of ear plugs that the patient can put in and remove on their own and with ease to avoid all of the symptoms that come along with teeth grinding. It’s recommended to wear them for most of the day, usually 16 hours is common, but you can wear them just to sleep if you have difficulty using them during the day. When the patient is wearing the inserts and tried to grind their teeth or jaw, the plugs put pressure on the joint and start training the mouth and brain to stop doing this biting movement.

Grinding your teeth isn’t just an irritating issue that you have trouble controlling, it can result in several other health challenges. Ear aches, should pain, neck tension, migraines, and of course, lack of sleep, which leads to fatigue. Talk with your family doctor, dentist, or audiologist today about getting some help with your grinding troubles before any long term side effects start to settle.





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