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Can Not Getting Enough Sleep Result in Developing Cancer?


Cancer is a serious illness that no one ever wants to find themselves discussing with their doctor, but what if your sleeping habits were increasing your chances of developing cancer? That’s one way to encourage healthier rest habits, but trying to get that much needed sleep isn’t always easy for most people.

Over the past two decades, adults have drastically became increasingly busier. There were more stay at home Mothers that didn’t require a full time job to take up their day, there was no social media to soak up hours of your attention, and there definitely was not the constant hustle and bustle to get so much into one day as there is now. In 2016 not only are parents drained, but so are their children. More kids today are finiding themselves sleeping less and going from school, to work, to part time sports commitments or clubs they’re involved in, and they too are not getting rest.

What exactly happens when you don’t get adequate sleep over a period of time? A lot! From overeating the next day to gain more fuel for energy, to possibly developing a severe disease, including cancer. The medical reasoning for these illnesses is due to the body increasing inflammation as a direct cause of sleep deprivation, according to the Center for Disease Control this past Thursday. In an interview with my News 4, the CDC touched base on the troubling statistic that approximately one third of all Americans are not sleeping long enough, with 13% of them only raking in 5 hours per night or less.

Committing to taking your sleeping needs seriously is the first step in improving your health and longevity. Keep a sleep journal if possible to track exactly how many hours you are getting each night. You can also opt for one of those tracker devices that you wear like a watch on your wrist that has the ability to record your sleeping routines. The clever devices can be uploaded to your computer or smartphone and from there, you can closely evaluate what possible strains during the week that may be inhibiting your healthy resting schedule.


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