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Can Your Hair Be Trying To Warn You About Your Health?


Your hair says so much about you- what your personality may be like, if you are a business professional or maybe rock a freshly shaven military cut, hair is very telling. It isn’t just about what type of person you may be, but also about what’s going on internally with your own health.

If you are losing your hair more frequently than just a few random strands a day, you could very well be suffering from anything from a nutritional deficit, to a thyroid challenge. If this is you, it’s honestly best to consult with your doctor before trying to play detective thinking about what could be brewing inside. After some tests such as blood work, your medical professional can lead you on a plan of getting healthier, and getting those luscious locks back.

The Daily Monitor revealed that if your hair is looking a bit fried, the dryness could be from coloring it often, or it could be from simply not getting enough water intake each day. If you begin to notice that your scalp is itchy along with looking dry, then you might be dealing with something like ringworm that can quickly have you scratching your head, literally.

If you’ve had an adorable baby recently, you could be dealing with hair loss. It’s never easy being a Mother, but at least this issue soon heals itself after a few months go by postpartum. Not having enough iron in your diet can lead to your breaking quite easily, and also hair loss. If you aren’t a fan of iron rich foods, then pop a daily iron supplement into your diet plan, and you should see results after a week or two.

The best way to have gorgeous, shiny hair is to drink tons of water! Eat well, because as you’ve been told your whole life, you truly are what you eat. If you consume a lot of junk food or soda, odds are your hair (and your overall health) are suffering.





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