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Can Just Looking At Your Phones And Tablets Can Cause You To Go Blind?


For some, this isn’t anything new as millions of people have always pondered the potential damages that can develop over time from using your phone or tablet. This generation is screen obsessed as we all know, trying our best to keep them involved in anything else during the day other than sitting on their phones. While it may seem harmless watching your little one play a video on their iPad, could it result in permanent health challenges later in life?

According to the team at CNET, yes it can result in accelerating blindness in screen users over time. Sounds like your grandparents were right warning about all that time you were investing in scrolling along social media websites.

In a recent study conducted by the researchers at the University of Toledo, they’ve discovered that the longer your eyes are exposed to the blue light coming from items like phones, tablets, or your tv; that it damages your vision and results in creating molecules in the eye that are poisonous. Due to this, the research finds that screen watching has the ability to speed up vision challenges and even blindness.

Some phone companies are adding filters to help shelter the user’s eyes from any damages, which hopefully, will catch on with every phone carrier to start the trend of phone use with everyone’s health in mind.

Doctors advise that if you have a little one that adores their screen time to simply place them on a scheduled time routine to avoid over-useage. It’s also been noted that children shouldn’t using devices just before bedtime as it can cause them to develop sleeping challenges, and even nightmares. Over time if the child continues to utilize the device before bed it can cause a real problem trying to wean the child off of using it daily can be very trying. Skip the hassle, and the vision problems by not allowing it from the get go. Just by making set standards when the child is little can save you a lot of time and suffering when they’re older!





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