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Can That Lump in Your Armpit Be Breast Cancer?


Just as the month of October has come and gone, it doesn’t mean that women should leave their breast exams to the side until next Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2017. In fact, millions of breast cancer cases are beginning to pop up all over the globe with unlikely symptoms, such as a lump in the armpit.

Lumps in the armpit can arise from several causes, due to the lymph nodes that reside there, but having one can also equate breast cancer in some cases. The team at The Ledger recently reported on a story involving this very issue, where patient Kim Wood, 33 years old, found a suspicious lump in her armpit that turned out after three biopsies to be stage 3 breast cancer. She was in shock of course, but her physician in no uncertain terms already advised her that she wasn’t at risk for the ailment due to reviewing her family history with her in great detail. This is where she personally feels that she would have been more vigilant had she not put all of her security in the fact that she hadn’t had a genetic tie to the disease.

A word to the wise from many oncologists is to always check your armpits, and if you have a lump to have to checked out as soon as possible. Some lumps are just a sign of a swollen lymph node, that is totally harmless, but as you can see in other cases, it can be a slippery slope to live with the lump and not have it carefully treated.

Some lumps are merely fat tissue, a calcium deposit, a sign of a bacterial infection, or allergies, so you don’t be terribly alarmed until you discuss the lump thoroughly wth your primary care physician, or your OBGYN contact. A biopsy can quickly identify if the lump is anything to treat rapidly, or something that can be surgically removed with little to no concern. The key is the time you allow to pass before you get it examined. Always go as soon as possible to have it checked out.





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