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Can Being a Redhead Increase Your Chances of Getting Cancer?


Red hair is definitely not common all over the globe, and that rare beauty is often sought after in hundreds of beauty salons. Those stunning shades of red hair may be gorgeous, but new research is linking the luscious locks to an increased risk of cancer formation.

The team at Irish Central has revealed some very interesting details on developments regarding red hair and the MCR1 gene. This gene that red heads possess naturally encourages a higher amount of vitamin D to be absorbed into the skin. Hence, if a brunette and a redhead are both laying out in the sun all afternoon, the redhead has a higher increased risk of developing skin cancer over the brunette. A team of scientists discovered that the red hair population is more prone to UV ray vulnerability. If you have red hair and freckles, the risk is greater. Those adorable freckles combined with read hair apparently have two copies of the MCR1 gene automatically, which is certainly cause for concern if they aren’t yet aware of this gene and it’s correlation to cancer.

This is no surprise for most redheaded vixens, as they commonly report they easily get sunburn and additional freckles after being in the sun, but to go as far as cancer is a much more advanced concern. This genetic adaption has been noted as originating in Scotland and/or Ireland, but obviously, anyone that has red hair anywhere in the world can now be at risk for developing sun damage at an astonishingly higher pace. Doctors have advised that this research done by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has suggested having red hair is like adding 21 years of sun exposure over time! That’s quite a reason to wear sunscreen if you have red locks, and to definitely spread the worn to help your fellow redhead from possibly going down a very dangerous path with skin cancer.


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