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Can You Be Skinny But Still Be as Unhealthy as Someone Who is Obese?


The answer in short, is yes. Humans have been trained for hundreds of years to associate the image of someone thin with a sign of good health, and that just isn’t always the case. Just as someone that is considered heavy by society’s standards isn’t always a person living an unhealthy lifestyle. Are there a lot of skinny folks walking around town assuming they don’t have any health issues? The latest research proves that yes, this is in fact a big epidemic.

The New York Times recently published a very interesting piece on this very topic, featuring a thin woman, weighing in at just 119 pounds and being told she was living with health challenges that are typical for those with obesity. This particular woman had been notified that she had a fatty liver disease, and super high cholesterol. Doctors are reporting that this isn’t anywhere near as uncommon as most may assume, that those that are physically thin in appearance often have the worst health testing scores.

Experts reveal that this occurs as a result of how each person stores fat. It’s been somewhat common knowledge lately that one if four American adults are suffering from obesity-related health illnesses such as diabetes, blood pressure highs, and cardiac ailments. If you have too much fat in your liver, high amounts of triglcyerides, or start developing ovarian cysts, these are all normally associated with obesity, but are now being diagnosed in thin adults just as often.

If you happen to be curious if this “thin but no so healthy” trend is something you to need to look into, doctors advise having a full physical workup. This will give you the blood work results to see how your sugar looks, and also reveal how you’re cholesterol is while better determining if you will require any additional scans or testing. Write down any notes you wish to discuss with your doctor before you arrive!


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