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Can Your Smartphone Make You Blind?


Smartphones are taking over the world, or so it appears, with teens and adults spending a reported 2-3 hours per day staring at the screens to get emails, send text messages, use social media, or play games. As a result of spending so much time utilizing the phones, medical professionals are advising the general public of various health challenges that can develop from overuse.

Years ago, it was cancer everyone was afraid of that could develop from using cell phones to make phone calls. Or at least that’s what the biggest health rumor was about 10 years ago. As science and research continues to expand, now we are being advised of blindness actually having a high probability to occurring from our beloved smartphone usage.

Forbes recently shed some light on the topic via the New England Journal of Medicine, where a British team explains in great detail two cases of females that sought out treatment for suddenly developing temporary case of blindness. The medical team discovered after some testing that these women obtained the vision issue from smartphone use at night. Sadly, a new debilitating trend this has become where a high number of patients are experiencing vision challenges or blindness altogether from not just night usage of phones, but apparently from using them with one eye primarily. The condition is called, “transient smartphone blindness” and is primarily a major concern for those that are parents of teenagers.

Some cautious habits to consider from the mouth’s of experts- to only use your smartphone when the lights are on or if you have adequate sunlight at your disposal, and to try to keep a journal or tabs on how often you are looking at your phone for a three week span of time. Once that span of time is over, get the amount of time averaged per day for how long you truly do spend staring at the screen each day to get a sense of where you can cut back if there appears to be an excess of smartphone time addiction going on.





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