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Can a Toothache Really be Fatal?


If you have ever suffered the brutal pain of a toothache, you know all too well how quickly you need to be seen by a dentist. There are however, circumstances that prevent patients from getting to a dentist to have their toothaches resolved, such as a lack in dental insurance or funds to pay for the repairs. There is a rumor going around that you can actually die from not having a toothache fixed, but is there any merit to this?

Toothaches can often mean there may be an exposed nerve in your mouth that if left opened and not repaired, can lead to a massive infection. That infection, if severe enough, can absolutely be fatal. This is why it is imperative to get to a dentist immediately at the very least, to get on some antibiotics and start killing off any possible infection.

Piggybacking on this dental epidemic, the Asian Age featured a story reflecting the importance of educating children and the public in general on dental health. They reflected on why junk food isn’t just bad for your waistline and childhood obesity, but that it is terrible for your teeth as well. Junk foods are sticky to the teeth and their food particles get trapped in between the teeth. The odds of a child flossing after each unhealthy snack is slim to none, causing an influx of cavities to develop in the United States alone.

Dentists report that most of the youth population they see is coming to seek help after it is already too late. They aren’t getting regular checkups or properly caring for their teeth at home, and the result is a mouth full of fillings before they even turn 10 years old. Some helpful dental tips to follow are:

  • Always clean your teeth after eating something particularly unhealthy for you. Even if you’re in a hurry, take along a travel size bottle of mouthwash to rise out in between meals if need be.
  • Encourage the little ones to drink lots of water, in fact water should be their main source of liquid on a daily basis. Some parents allow their children to consume sodas and fruit juices and they are loaded with sugars and horrible for their growth and teeth.

Dental health is so important; your smile is the first thing people notice about you and often, one of the first parts of the body that require repair. Take great care of your teeth and encourage your little ones to do the same.





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