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Can Using Ice Packs Be The Jumpstart To Your Weight Loss Goals?


Unless you haven’t listened to the radio, or been on social media recently to see the influx of commercials advertising for cool sculpting, the power of using cold temperatures to “freeze” off fat is apparently all the rage. Can it really be that easy? You just walk into one of these sculpting centers, and they melt away your trouble areas with ice? According to WWLTV, this cryotherapy methodology is very successful for millions of followers, and due to its rapid growth over the last few years, it has absolutely exploded for those in the health and fitness scene.

The thought process behind using cold temperatures to get rid of stubborn fat areas on the body is due to the way that your body responds to the cold having the ability to turn regular fat into “brown fat”. If you’ve never heard of this brown type of fat, it’s evidently the type that you want over the traditional white fat. It’s typically found around kidneys, or in between your shoulders, versus the fat tissue we all loathe on our thighs or around our abdominal areas.

The idea behind freezing your fat cells is to use the frigid temps to boost your metabolism, decerase pain and inflammation found all over the body, and often leave you with increased energy. Sound perfect, right? There are some obvious challenges as this isn’t right for everyone. Should you be living with a heart condition for instance, this may not be the ideal treatment for you so please consult with your medical provider before jumping into ice therapy.

Some inexpensive methods to get onboard have been many trying to see if they can melt away their fat with the cunning use of ice packs at home. Is this a thing? Oh definitely, it is a thing and a widely popular one at that. If you cannot afford the cryotherapy or there isn’t a facility within close physical proximity, try just placing an ice pack on your trouble areas for a few minutes a day. Of course, medical experts strongly advise not placing the ice directly on your skin as it can irritate it, but this alternative method could do virtually the same trick and cost you much, much less!





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